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Collegium Sound Systems

can provide sound reinforcement services and rental of sound equipment in the whole New York City region. We've been working at  everything from concerts to large festivals since 1973 and are particularly familiar with Folk, Classical, and Jazz. We are also equipped to do multi-track remote recording from the initial recording through to digital mix-down of the final CD.

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Call: 718-426-8555.  Or email to Don(at) with the details of your requirements
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List of equipment stolen from Collegium Sound, Inc

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Minstrel Records: (Folk Music)

 - Titles are linked to page with songs list and some mp-3 samples.   ... Online order form and price list ....  Printable Mail Order Blank and price list ...
JD-200: Bob Coltman; Lonesome Robin - CD made from master tape* (LP out of print )  .....Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750402.
JD-201: David Jones; Easy & Slow - LP only
JD-202: Bob Coltman; Before They Close the Minstrel ShowCD made from a virgin LP*  (LP out of print)
JD-203: Almeda Riddle; Granny Riddle's Songs and Ballads -CD made from master tape* (LP out of print)
JD-204: Frank Warner; Come All You Good People -CD made from master tape* (LP out of print)
JD-205: Bob Coltman; Son of Child -CD made from master tape* (LP is out of print)
JD-206: Jeff Warner & Jeff Davis; Days of Forty-nine -LP or CD made from master tape*
JD-207: Sonja Savig; Nu Takk For Alt -LP or CD made from master tape*.....Library of Congress Catalog Card 81-750414
JD-208: John Langstaff; Seeds of Love - LP or Cassette  or CD made from master tape*
JD-209: Dwayne Thorpe; Come and Keep Me Company - LP only ........Library of Congress Catalog Card 81-750415
JD-211: Bermuda Quadrangle; A Beautiful Life - Cassette or CD made from cassette master tape*
JD-212: Jerry Epstein; Time Has Made a Change in Me - Cassette or CD
JD-213: David Jones; From England's Shore - Cassette or CD
JD-214: Jerry Epstein; Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - Cassette or CD
JD-215: David Jones; Songs of Exquisite Taste - CD
JD-216: Ralph Bodington, Old Paint - CD
JD-217: Mainbrace: The Sailor's Day - CD

*NOTE: out of print LPs and some others have original master tape CDRs available; these are recorded on blank media with no printed labels but a copy of the original album notes is included. (Album notes are also available on-line.)
All other CD's and cassettes are commercially produced and have full covers and labels
Description Sheet for Minstrel JD-200-206   ... Description Sheet for Minstrel JD-207-215 ... Online order  ...  Printable Mail Order Blank for Minstrel Records 
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COLLEGIUM records: (Renaissance Choral Music). 

As indicated, some available as CDs and some available only in LP (vinyl) format -- see order blank for prices and media availability.
This is choral Music sung by the Columbia University Collegium Musicum; page with more general information
Ask for our booklet with the complete contents of each LP; E-mail us with your postal address.
The links on each title are to tables of contents which are presently available (work in progress).
In addition there are links to pages at Early Music FAQ which give the contents of each record. (Will open in new windows.)

JE-101: Music of the Ars Nova (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750096 ... Early Music FAQ 101.
JE-102/103: Music in Honor of the Blessed Virgin (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750097 ... Early Music FAQ 102.
JE-104: The French Ars Antiqua; (CD only* Out of Print) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750098; ... Early Music FAQ 104.
JE-105: The Italian Trencento (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750099 ... Early Music FAQ 105.
JE-106/107: Music of Eastern Europe (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750100. ... Early Music FAQ 106.
JE-108: Fifteenth Century Motets (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750101. ... Early Music FAQ 108.
JE-109/110: A Composite Missa L'Homme Arme (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750103. ... Early Music FAQ 109.
JE-111: Motets for Christmas (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750104. ... Early Music FAQ 111.
JE-112: Mass for Christmas (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750105. ... Early Music FAQ 112.
JE-113/114: Music In Praise of Women (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750106. ... Early Music FAQ 113.
JE-115: Musical Metamorphoses (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750107. ... Early Music FAQ page 115.
JE-116: In Praise of Women/Metamorphoses (LP only) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750108. ... Early Music FAQ 116.
JE-117: Music of the Reformation & Counter Reformation; (LP or CD*) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750109. ... Early Music FAQ 117.
JE-118: Reformation & Counter Reformation/Henrys of England ; (CD only*) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750111 & 112 ... Early Music FAQ 118.
JE-119/120: Music of the Henrys of England; (LP or CD*) .... Library of Congress Catalog Card 75-750113. ... Early Music FAQ 119.

*NOTE: where CD's are available; these are recorded, from the original master tape, on blank media with no printed labels but a copy of the original album notes is included.
Price listing and Order Blank for Collegium Records ...... Collegium Records General Information .... [ to top of page]

Contact us

Order online: Online Minstrel order.....Online Collegium Order ... or use your browser to print an order blank (Minstrel or Collegium) and  mail it to us.
Or call us: 718-426-8555
email to  Don (at) or you can write to us at
       Collegium Sound, Inc.
       35-41 72nd Street
       Jackson Heights, NY 11372-4025.

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Our local Folk Music Society and a good source for other traditional music links:
Folk Music Society of NY, Inc. (NY Pinewoods Folk Music Club) 

A great producer of traditional music:  Folk-Legacy Records

Our favorite folk music retailer for over 30 years and producer of Front Hall Records:  Andy's Front Hall 
Visit them for a wide variety of folk music, books, hard to find instruments, and paraphernalia!

Early Music FAQ:
The web's largest reference for European Medieval and Renaissance music since 1994.

Links to Artist's pages and/or more information:

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