35-41 72nd Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372-4025
Phone/Fax: (718) 426-8555

Contact: Donald Wade, President

Stolen Audio Equipment List

The following were stolen from Collegium Sound on 11/18-19/04

1 Roland JC-120 instrument amplifier, s/n 878613 in a black wheeled road case
this has been modified by us by adding a balanced direct output on the rear

1- TOA KD-2 instrument amplifier, s/n unknown, in a black road case
this has been repaired by us by replacing several of the input jacks on the rear

both of the above have our name on the inside electronics and/or our federal ID number or my SS ID number scratched inside.

6 Shure SM-57 microphones in a small black road case

2 Shure SM-81 microphones in cases

8 folding tripod microphone stands with booms

All of the microphones have clips with atlas LO-2 quick-release clips and all the boom stands have mating quick-release clips.

14 XLR cables, 15-20 feet long

2 instrument cables with phone plugs at both ends

1 old suitcase to hold the cables

All of the cases and all of the items have labels on them with our name and address. (However, it is possible that these labels have been removed.)

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