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Stereo recordings of medieval and renaissance music, of unusual interest to schools, libraries, and all who love the music of this period
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The recordings were made at the concert performances of the Columbia University Collegium Musicum, 1970-1975, directed by Richard Taruskin (JE-111 through JE-116 are directed by Alexander Blachly). The recordings were made at live performances, mostly in St. Paul's Chapel of Columbia University (and thus there are occasional extraneous noises that can accompany live concerts).

These recordings represent a cross-section of the finest music from the period A.D. 1100 to A.D. 1650, almost all of it unavailable elsewhere on recording.  The records are in simple jackets, but full notes are enclosed with each disc.

The group consists of 24 to 30 singers and 10 to 15 instrumentalists; instruments appropriate to the period are used whenever possible.

Many members of the group take turns as soloists; some of the more featured are:
Constance Cooper, Josephine Mongiardo, Imogene Howe: Sopranos
Louise Basbas: Alto, Organ
William Zukoff: Countertenor
William Lyon Lee, Thomas McNally, Jerome Epstein: Tenors
Alexander Blachly, Robert Croog, Richard Taylor: Basses
Cynthia Schwan, Lawrence Rosenwald, David Goldstein: Recorders
Ben Peck, Eric Nisula, Edward Greenstein, Andre Smith: Cornetto. Sackbuts
Richard Taruskin: Viols
Patricia Weber: Shawm
Elizabeth Blachly: Percussion.

Most Records are available in LP (Vinyl) format; some are avialable in CD format.  See the order blank for complete listing.  CDs may be orered on-line..
On-line and Printable Order Blank for Collegium Records

A booklet is available describing the complete contents of all the records; it is not presently available on the web but we will be pleased to send you a copy by mail. (Links to individual record contents can be found in the record listings on our home page.)
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