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Saturday August 24 – Friday August 30, 2024

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Sponsored by the Folk Music Society of New York, Inc and co-directed by Joy Bennett and Heather Wood, TradMaD Camp is an annual six-day gathering of live music and dance for adults interested in traditional music and dance. Held at the beautiful and historic Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, Massachusetts, campers can enjoy daily workshops on specific topics (such as traditional ballads), instrument instruction, dances to live music, staff concerts, vocal coaching, parties, camper concerts, jamming, and singing and much, much more.


If you would like to pay for camp or make a tax-deductible donation to support TradMaD, you can * Click the button below to pay either by Paypal or with a credit card. * Send a check to TradMaD Camp, 444 W 54 St #7, New York NY 10019. * Call Heather at (646) 628-4604 with credit card information. Please do not send credit card info via email!


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WHEN? Saturday August 24 – Friday August 30, 2024
WHERE? At Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth MA
WHAT? Workshops, dances, concerts, one-shots, camper concerts, parties, sessions, boating, swimming in two lovely ponds, relaxing, learning, and generally having fun.

More specifically (subject to staff availability, phases of the moon, etc.):
  • "If you don't pick it, it will never get better" —Beginner to advanced classes in a variety of folk instruments (and yes, cello is a folk instrument!)
  • Dancing: Community dancing which may include a variety of American and international dance with evening dance parties for all.
  • Community singing and playing
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Ballads
  • Camper Concerts — and the applause will be for you
  • Parties, including the popular Pub Night
  • Spoken not Sung (story-telling, poems, monologues, etc.)
  • Blues
  • "Spotlight on ..." where staff members get to do whatever they choose
  • Swimming, boating (canoes, kayaks, rowboats) on Long Pond
  • Stitch 'n' Bitch — no set time or place, but bring your knitting, needlepoint, crochet, etc. Read Eileen Pentel's account of Weaving the music into your knitting (pdf format).
  • Bioblitz, where we catalog the diverse fauna and flora of camp. Here's the 2023 Bioblitz Report.
  • Silent Auction, all proceeds to the Scholarship Fund. Remember, one person's old stuff is another person's new stuff, bid early, bid often, and bid high. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.
  • Take and Make — again, all proceeds to the Scholarship Fund, and you don't have to wait. Just take the item and make an instant contribution.
  • Bookstore, where you can buy CDs etc. from the staff (and, depending on space, from campers). Again, cash, checks and credit cards accepted.
  • . . . and more. Lots more.
What else do you want? Let us know!
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WHO? Singers, pickers, and dancers who love traditional music and dance.
Staff List for 2024.

See the staff lists for 2023, 2022, 2020 (virtual), 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 . Sadly, Pinewoods Camp closed just before the planned 2021 gathering, too late to organize a virtual event. But we did have a Zoom chat, and many of our projected artists dropped in. Our staff members are not only performers, they are also teachers who enjoy sharing their knowledge.

As well as listening and learning, campers will find plenty of opportunities to sing, jam, dance, and hang out with the staff and each other.
This event is being put together by the Folk Music Society of New York, Inc., with support from a bunch of associated organizations, including Members of all the organizations listsed above will get the members' discounted rate. If your organization is interested, contact us
WHY? Because we are mad about traditional music and dance of all flavors
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HOW MUCH? The full fee is $930 for members of Associated Organizations, $980 for non-members, with a sliding scale for low income and of course scholarships. The fee covers all events, lodging, and meals from dinner on Saturday through breakfast on Friday. Note: the food is excellent, and dietary issues and allergies are well addressed. See the Online Registration form for full details.
  • Read about Life at Camp
  • All campers and staff must read, sign, and return the Waiver, which will be available soon in Word and pdf format.
We're busy working to get this event (and this website) organized.
To ask questions, make suggestions, or be added to our email list, send us an email

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